Outreach: integrating science and the public

I view science outreach as an essential tool for scientists to broaden the impact of their work. My goal in outreach is to ensure my science is approachable and distributed beyond the academic bubble. The following are some of the ways I engage the public in science outreach...


The Center for Limnology's annual open house lets the public see our lab space and how we use it to understand the lakes they care about


Science comics help make scientific ideas more approachable

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UW-Madison's Science expeditions is a research sampler of UW research across campus and lets us highlight our current research

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Hear about my research on Great Lakes ciscoes in this Wisconsin Sea Grant video -> LINK


The Center for Limnology's Science on Ice exhibit at Frozen Assets in February 2019 enlightens the public that life still flourishes under the ice


"My ideal future is this: that we restore the integrity of science, make science actionable, and allow science to guide our decisions at the individual and societal levels."

-Ben Martin

Bailey Oratorical '18

Watch the full speech here

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